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Press a button and have a fire! Gas is designed to give easy control at the touch of your fingertips. With any natural gas fireplace, insert or stove you can rest assured that you will enjoy reliable performance year after year.

Do you currently have a wood burning fireplace but want to convert to gas? Great! We can help you with that too. No more wood to stack, ashes to clean up or waiting for your fire to burn out so you can leave the room. Converting from wood to gas still gives the charm of real flames without the headache of maintaining everything that comes along with wood.

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Gas Inserts

A gas insert is basically a log set inside a metal box that is insulated with another metal box. The metal box is ‘inserted’ an existing fireplace. They come with a glass front to protect the logs (crystals or stones) and embers and a screen to protect fingers from the glass that gets extremely hot. Gas inserts are an excellent way of getting the look of a wood burning fire without the hassle of having to deal with wood.

Gas Fireplaces

A gas fireplace is made like an insert with the box in box construction but they do not require an existing chimney.

Gas Stoves

Gas stoves come in a wide variety of options just like gas inserts and fireplaces. The advantage of a gas stove is that it radiates heat from all 4 sides. It is an excellent option for zone-heating your home.

We provide gas fireplace solutions for homeowners in Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Hershey, New Cumberland, Shrewsbury & York.

The following gas fireplaces, gas inserts and free-standing gas stoves are available to view in our Mechanicsburg showroom

  • Mendota FV 33i Gas Insert
  • Mendota FV 33i Décor Gas Insert
  • Mendota FV 44i Gas Insert
  • Mendota FV 44i Décor Gas Insert
  • Mendota FV 34 Gas Fireplace
  • Mendota FV 36 Gas Fireplace
  • Mendota FV 41 Arch Gas Fireplace
  • Mendota FV 42 Gas Fireplace
  • Mendota ML 54 Linear Gas Fireplace
  • Kozy Heat Birchwood Gas Stove
  • Kozy Heat Carlton 39 DV Gas Fireplace
  • Kozy Heat Springfield 36 DV Gas Fireplace
  • Kozy Heat Calloway 50 DV Gas Fireplace
  • Kozy Heat Chaska 34 DV Gas Insert
  • Kozy Heat Roosevelt 34 DV Gas Insert
  • Regency Bellavista 36XTE Gas Fireplace
  • Regency E33 Gas Insert
  • Regency HRi6 Contemporary Gas Insert
  • Regency LRi6 Liberty Radiant DV Gas Insert
  • Regency P33CE Gas Fireplace
  • Regency P36D Panorama Gas Fireplace
  • Regency Classic 34 Gas Stove
  • Regency U39 Ultimate Gas Stove
  • Regency Hampton 35 Cast Iron Gas Stove

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