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Can a Fireplace Heat an Entire Home

If you have a fireplace in your home or are thinking about installing one, you may be wondering if it will be able to heat your entire home. Discover how well fireplaces compare to central air at keeping spaces toasty warm. 

Can a Fireplace Heat a House?

While indoor fireplaces can add warmth to a space, it's not capable of producing enough heat to warm up an entire home. Especially if your fireplace is at one end of your home, it will be hard to circulate the heat throughout so that it travels to rooms further away. 

How to Circulate Heat From a Fireplace With Zone Heating

One of the best ways to heat your home with a fireplace is with zone heating. Instead of using central air which will heat all rooms of your home — even the ones that you aren't using — zone heating focuses on just heating the room where your fireplace is in, as well as a couple of nearby rooms. 

Since your furnace won't be working to heat unused rooms, you'll be able to reduce your energy costs. This makes zone heating an effective solution when you want to cut down your heating bill or when you need to warm your home during a power outage. 

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Best Fireplace for Heating Your Home

If you plan on using a fireplace as a source of heat in your home, it's important to consider the different types of fireplaces available and how efficient they are at heating a space.

Wood Fireplaces 

There's no denying the charm of a crackling wood-burning fireplace, but their design makes them only capable of producing a small amount of heat. 

Also, as the wood burns, a lot of the heat goes up through the flute. Any time the damper gets opened, more heat is able to escape from the fire. Because of this, wood burning fireplaces aren't that efficient at producing enough heat to warm up large rooms or entire homes. 

Gas Fireplaces 

Unlike a wood fireplace, a gas fireplace is able to generate heat without having to add more fuel to it. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from either a vented or unvented gas fireplace. A vented gas fireplace uses gas logs, while an unvented fireplace sends the heat into your home. With this design, you'll be able to enjoy more consistent heat throughout your home. 

Benefits of Choosing Keystone's Fireplace and Stove 

No matter if you're interested in a wood-burning or gas fireplace, our team will make sure you find the best solution for your home. Our hearth experts will be by your side throughout the entire process, ensuring your new fireplace fits your space and heating needs. With professional installation services available, you and your loved ones will be enjoying a warm space in no time.

Prepare Your Home for Winter With Keystone's Fireplace and Stove 

If you need help preparing your home for the cold winter months, we are here to help. We can help you find the right fireplace to heat your house and keep your family cozy and comfortable when the temperatures start to drop. We serve homeowners in Harrisburg, Shrewsbury, Camp Hill, New Cumberland, York and Hershey.

Come visit our showroom to check out our fireplace options or contact us online today to get started. 

Prepare Your Home for Winter With Keystone's Fireplace and Stove 

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