Why Convert from Wood to Gas?

Why Convert from Wood to Gas?

As temperatures drop and your furnace is pumping warm air through your house at alarming rates, you might begin to wonder how to cut a few corners and save...

a little money. Believe it or not, the savings may be in the fireplace itself! Maybe you only used it as supplemental heat, but it has outlived its usefulness. Perhaps you felt a strong, cool draft walking past your fireplace - or maybe you are tired of toiling on your knees to light the fire. It’s not too late to make a change.

Choosing Gas

If you have decided to convert from wood to gas, you may already know some benefits, but there’s more. The truth is gas burning fireplaces have no real drawbacks, and the benefits keep giving year after year!

Gas is Convenient – When you choose gas, you get the benefit of a low-maintenance, easy-to-use system. Most gas fireplaces have a convenient on/off switch or push button. Many also have a remote to control the flame with ease. No more kneeling on the floor to build a fire and blow on hot coals, when you have a gas appliance.

Gas is Low Maintenance – Gas fireplaces produce a small amount of soot, but they don’t produce creosote or ash. This means less chimney sweeps are necessary for efficient function. The only thing you need to do to your gas fireplace is dust it with a cotton cloth when you clean the rest of your house and schedule period maintenance as recommended by your trusted chimney professional.

Gas is Eco-Friendly – Since natural gas is the cleanest fuel, gas appliances are eco-friendly. Natural gas doesn’t produce particulate pollution, smoke, or ash. A gas fireplace produces substantially less carbon dioxide than any other fuel type. When you switch from wood to gas, you don’t have to cut or buy wood, so you’re saving trees and saving money. Since your new gas fireplace is so efficient, you’ll also save money on electricity.

Gas is a Money-Saver – Since gas fireplaces are more efficient than wood stoves, they save you money, time, energy, and trees. Since you won’t need as frequent chimney sweeps, it saves you money. If you install an insert into your existing fireplace, you will save on utilities year-round because less conditioned air will escape in the summer, and the heated air will stay put in the winter.

Gas is Versatile – There are many options to choose from when you choose gas. Gas stoves are freestanding while inserts are retro-fitted into an existing fireplace. Both options come in a variety of styles, from contemporary to traditional, and everything in between. Stoves can be installed anywhere there is space. Depending on the design, the fire can look as realistic as a real wood fire, perfect to be a nice backdrop for holiday festivities.

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